port 58922

What is this?

This is a small tool that simply returns the IP address and (TCP) port of the computer requesting this website, as seen by this service. This can be used, for example, to determine the visible (public) IP adress of a system. Port information can be useful when determining the presence of NATs with port translation (or other diagnosis of connections).
Anyone may use this data for any purpose that is not abusive (e.g do not generate excessive amounts of queries to this website).
The format of the data returned should be stable, but may still change occasionally. A non-commented version of this website is available at https://server.germancoding.com/ip/ .
IPv4 test can be forced at https://ipv4.germancoding.com/ip/ .
IPv6 test can be forced at https://ipv6.germancoding.com/ip/ .
Data is returned in the HTTP body. In addition, the system sends two custom headers:
X-Your-IP and X-Your-Port HTTP headers contain the same information.
The entire service is accessible under HTTPS only.