EDIT 2020: Note: The following is highly legacy stuff. Shortly after I published this (in 2017), the Steam version of this game was reworked to use Steamworks multiplayer. This is much better than this hack/workaround/whatever, so if you want multiplayer the current Steam version of the game is a much better choice.

Still, due to requests from community members I have readded this page (I did take this down a while ago), but I no longer recommend using this workaround. It is likely broken in current versions of the game.

Star Wars Empire at War (+ Forces of Corruption) LAN PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS

Recently I wanted to play the good old SWEAW game in LAN Mode, as GameSpy is no longer... well, you probably know.

But we had trouble seeing each other in LAN when connected via VPN (Hamachi). I investigated and found the problems - and fixed them!

So, if you have the same issue, you probably want to know what I did and how to fix it for yourself. Well, you will most likely need a patch for that - and I wrote one! Below is a direct download from my server (no spam, junk or whatever) to a .zip file. These file should contain everything you will need. There is a README.txt included in the .zip with ALL INSTRUCTIONS! READ IT!

I should probably make this page more fancy and give more information, but not today... For now, just download the goddamn thing and read the instructions.


Download the fix and instructions.

The source code of the binaries is here. Feel free to adjust to your liking.